At the first glance, the choice of a footrest is quite problematic because, on the one hand, it is a simple and obvious product and, on the other hand, it is hard to imagine the additional functions that the footrest would perform. However, in order to enable our Customers the use of the product to the full for many years, while bearing in mind their health and safety, we have prepared basic information which, based on our experience, should be taken into account when looking for footrests, either for ourselves or our employees. We believe that the list prepared by our experts will help you choose the best possible product.



By far the most important parameter that we must consider when choosing a footrest is the quality of its execution. Without knowing the product, it is difficult to judge how it was made and how resistant it is to various types of failures and problems. The worst thing that can happen is that the product needs to be replaced after a few weeks or the necessity to buy another footrest, just because the previous one has been damaged. According to our experts, the warranty granted by the manufacturer for his equipment says a great deal about the quality of a given model. For the users’ convenience, it is safest to choose a product on which we will be able to rely as long as possible according to the manufacturers’ assurances, having the certainty that during this time all problems will be solved by the brand owner. At present, it is possible to divide the footrests available on the market into three groups on the basis of a warranty:

  • a 12-month warranty, granted by two manufacturers, Fellowes and Kensington
  • a 24-month warranty, granted, among others, by Exponent and Desq
  • a 36-month warranty, granted exclusively by VeroTech


 Legal requirements

In accordance with the legal requirements of the Labour Code, when choosing a footrest, we should remember to meet a number of basic requirements in order to ensure that the product complies with the guidelines imposed on employers by OHS regulations. The first provision is the footrest angle adjustment in the range of minimum 0-15 degrees. In this case, we have a very broad selection of products to meet this requirement. A range of up to 15, 20, 25 or even 30 degrees guarantees that we will perfectly adapt the position of our feet to our needs. The second issue is the appropriate height of the footrest; we can look for models with a fixed height, or with the possibility of inclination angle adjustment in several steps, which will make it possible to change the height depending on whether we want to place feet lower or higher on a given day. The third issue imposed by the OHS regulations is the slip-resistant surface of the very base of the feet (which guarantees that the feet will not slip from the footrest), as well as the protection ensuring that the footrest will not move on the floor (the most popular and very effective solution is the use of rubber feet).



The footrests are equipped with many functions which directly affect the comfort of use. In addition to the above, which are, in a way, necessary for the efficient use of the product, we have many other features with which the footrests are equipped. Therefore, the priority when choosing a footrest should be the ability to adjust the angle of inclination, slip-resistant surface, rubber feet and robust design. Starting with a smooth adjustment of the inclination angle so that we can effortlessly change this angle without having to adjust the base settings. An additional value is the massaging surface, or the base equipped with massaging rollers for improved comfort. It is also worth paying attention to the stability of the base itself and the execution using durable materials (e.g. polystyrene or metal) – thanks to which the footrest will not swing in an undesirable way. Moreover, it is also worth paying attention to the dimensions of the foot base so that it does not turn out to be too small (the most popular dimensions are the width of 410-460 mm and the length of 290-340 mm).



The footrest price depends on its function. The simplest models worth recommending can be bought at around 50-60 PLN, while the more complex ones cost about 100 PLN. The most advanced products with specialist solutions may cost approximately 130-150 PLN. There are buyers for all these groups, and of course everything depends on the expectations of those who will use a given model.



We believe that we have managed to bring the footrest segment closer to you and now the choice will be much easier and much more pleasant. However, if you have any additional questions or concerns, we will be happy to advise you and help to choose the most suitable product for you.

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